Introduction - VITRO smart switches

Glass touch wall switches with LED lights in original design with customization
VITRO smart switches
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Customizable glass wall switches in original design 
Glass touch wall switches: The style meets the functionality

Glass touch wall switches sharply expand the line of control devices in your home, apartment, hotel or office. The main advantage of these glass switches is variability and possibility of using customer graphic design.
With our switches you can fulfill your deepest ideas. Thanks to user simplicity they are very suitable to hotels, office buildings, conference rooms etc.

For multi-control we can offer even 12 buttons switches.
In standard design these wall switches contain temperature metering and indicating via LED lights.
Glass touch wall switch with thermostat

Use already in comming season for heating/cooling our luxury solution – Touch@Glass bus wall switch with thermostat.

Technical details:
  • Temperature metering at surface of the switch
  • Displaying up to 3-digits number (range of displayed values: -99 to 999)
  • Function switch on/off displaying the digits can be controlled even locally by touch
  • 6 x touch surface with LED backlight
  • Functions of touch surfaces are free programmable even by users
  • LED lights can be independently configured by software
  • 1 x switched semi-conductor contact, max. 3A, 24V DV
  • 1 x external input AI/DI
  • Symbols and even all surface graphic can be designed according to customers needs
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